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Andrei Nevis v49a at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 3 18:54:08 EDT 2005

As far as I know, year 2004 was a Record of submitted Logs (for SSB Contest) despite of low Solar flux etc..
How did we all survive, say ten or more years ago when was NO Internet existing? :)
73's Andrei EW1AR-NC2N

Igor Sokolov <ua9cdc at r66.ru> wrote:
Very sad.... Can someone present the dynamics of received logs in CQ
contests for the last 4-5 years?
Pretty interesting to see where these contests go.

73, Igor UA9CDC

> >OK, in which case - where can I find the results online? I am not
> >subscriber to CQ Magazine, I have no interest in becoming a
> >subscriber (not to mention the fact that I cannot afford it) so
> >where can I find the full results online?
> so what you are really saying is not that you 'cannot afford it'
> that you choose to spend your money in a different manner. CQ
> Magazine sponsors the contest, sets the rules (directly or
> indirectly) and decides how the results will be published; what's
> wrong with that?
> I cannot speak for CQ Magazine but even though volunteers do a
> deal of unpaid, and often unappreciated, work to produce the
> the contests must, nevertheless, have a cost in terms of money or
> resources. CQ Magazine is a commercial operation which, presumably,
> hopes to turn a profit on its activities. They do not force you to
> enter their contests and they do not compel you to subscribe BUT if
> you want to see your call in print, subscribing is what you must
> It is worth remembering that some contests are only open to
> members/subscribers (some RSGB contests come to mind unless they
> changed) CQ Magazine has the right to run its contests as it
> though if the administration upsets too many people, they will vote
> with their feet.
> What it should not do is promise certificates/plaques and then fail
> to deliver them in a timely fashion... but that's another matter.
> Chris G3VBL/8P9EM

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