[CQ-Contest] Contest Support

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Wed Aug 3 21:19:09 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I can't help thinking, as I read all the kvetching about the way CQ runs its
contests (and I do have to wonder about the massive delays for some
certificates and plaques), that some folk have lost sight of the true reason
we do this stuff.

To me, at the end of a contest, if I can look myself in the mirror and say
that I had a good time doing it, that's the only thing that truly matters.
Seeing my call in Top 10 or getting a certificate is nice, but I don't live
or die by wallpaper.

If you're not enjoying a contest because you're worried how long it will
take to get your certificate, or how much you'd like to see the results but
you're too cheap to support the sponsor of the contest (even if it means
buying one single friggin' copy of a magazine), then perhaps contesting
isn't for you.

As much as I want everybody to get on in contests, if you don't love the
sport for the sake of sport, then why do it?

And imagine how boring sports would be if only those who made the big
leagues gave a damn about competing.

I think CQ could probably find a better way of doing things (perhaps ONE
volunteer for a contest's certificates isn't enough), but I'm not about to
berate those who give their time to send out 350 certificates only to get
shat upon by the sponsor for being a tenth of an ounce overweight.

This is supposed to be fun, folks. I don't see where the fun is in carping
about stuff all the time.

If you like a contest enough to give it a weekend of your time, paying at
least the cost of a single copy of a magazine isn't too much to ask, IMHO.

73, kelly

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