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> Do whatever turns you on and see where you fit.

Yuri's note was spot on!  The problem is that contest
rules engender the wrong personality in their

Sponsors seem to believe that it is their
responsibility to establish entry categories for us
and we have to fit them.  What a neat world it would
be if we looked at the physics of contesting and
espablished rules that allowed the physics to create
natural categories.  Participants would simply
participate and be grouped by the physics involved.

For instance...one would expect a 10-watt,
dipole-based station to have a lower score than a kw
yagi-based station.  It's OK to allow that to happen
<gasp!> (there's no need for a QRP multiplier?)  In
the end, group all of the 10-watt stations (+/- 3dB?)
together as a group for award purposes.

Radical, I know. :)

Such an approach allows the p-a-r-t-i-c-i-p-a-n-t to
define the conditions of their entry and compete as
they see fit, while providing much needed QSO's to
others in a similar quest.  Though Yuri may disagree
on my particular approach to the issue, we certainly
agree on the issue of motivation.

Ev, W2EV

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