[CQ-Contest] NAQP in August - stupid idea

Tree tree at kkn.net
Thu Aug 4 12:50:22 EDT 2005

Been busy getting the station QRV for the CW NAQP contest coming on 

My 80 and 160 meter antennas needed some work that is normally done 
later in the fall, but they are now QRV.

I met K5KA on both 80 and 160 at my sunset and signals were not very
good.  I had to turn on my amplifier for him to hear me on 80 meters
and even with the amp, a QSO on 160 meters was pretty much impossible.

I was wondering outloud to K6AW if it might not be a good idea to 
allow full power on 80 and 160 in this contest when held in August.

His response was "would anyone notice"?

Hope to hear lots of activity on Saturday.  I'll be the weak guy in 
the noise.


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