[CQ-Contest] NAQP in August - stupid idea

Craig Cook craig.n7or at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 19:13:30 EDT 2005

It's so hard to even think about spending 10 hours in front of a radio. It's 
looking like it is going to be a beautiful (if somewhat hot) weekend here. 
I'll be the guy mowing, car washing, sipping lemonade on the porch, flying a 
model airplane, walking the dog, whatever. Yes, a contest in August does 
They are starting to suck year-round for me, maybe I've finally completely 
burned out. 
Good luck. Don't let a little thing like a rule stop you from running full 
power on any band.

 On 8/4/05, Tree <tree at kkn.net> wrote: 
> Been busy getting the station QRV for the CW NAQP contest coming on
> Saturday.
> My 80 and 160 meter antennas needed some work that is normally done
> later in the fall, but they are now QRV.
> I met K5KA on both 80 and 160 at my sunset and signals were not very
> good. I had to turn on my amplifier for him to hear me on 80 meters
> and even with the amp, a QSO on 160 meters was pretty much impossible.
> I was wondering outloud to K6AW if it might not be a good idea to
> allow full power on 80 and 160 in this contest when held in August.
> His response was "would anyone notice"?
> Hope to hear lots of activity on Saturday. I'll be the weak guy in
> the noise.
> Tree
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