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Fri Aug 5 07:52:21 EDT 2005

--- Bob Naumann  - W5OV <W5OV at W5OV.com> wrote:

> Anyone can operate as they see fit today.

Of course that's right.  They are restricted only once
they decide to submit a log.  They must, at that time,
decide what 'category' their operation fit.

I also agree that the sponsors should be designating
their categories of competition.  I simply believe
that those categories are much too rigid for today's

> You are suggesting that you should be able to define
> your own class, operate
> it, then have the sponsors group those who may have
> operated in the same
> fashion to suit you?  I'm sure you would realize the
> logistical nightmare
> such a non-arrangement would be.

It is a logistical nightmare only if we anchor
ourselves to the 20th century's perspective on radio
sports, what they are and how they are observed,
audited and administered.

More on this at a later time, but suffice to say that
I believe that the highest scores should go to the
stations that best meet a contests goals, and that the
"other 90%" of the participants (those that look for
ways to have fun and stay engaged) deserve to know how
well they placed against others in similar
circumstances as a motivating mechamism.  Those
"similar circumstances" can be revealed through data
mining techniques.  Using 21st Century technology,
that information can be readily, and quickly
determined and communicated ... and certificates (if
desired) can be easily generated using an automated
process (if designed to do so).

We have simply not explored this ability to any great
degree (but I'm hoping that the ARRL's newly hired web
developer was hired with that in mind...'cause that
could change everything for the better for everyone).

Ev, W2EV

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