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>>"We should be operating the contests for fun.  Period."
I am signing under this phrase, it is hard to say better. And shorter, too. 
Period. End of story.

Finally someone opened my eyes: "it is not important to win (in competition), 
it is important to have fun (participate)"
All those people who compete for "cheap certificates" and trying to prove or 
achieve something are (now turns out) M0RONs!?!
So all you (we) guys who bothered with antenna farms, rooms full of 
equipment, traveling to exotic places to win or lose contest are "don't get it".
Don't feel bad, look at all those car, boat, plane racers, base-, foot-, 
volley-... ball players and spectators are all "nuts!"
I just realized that I wasted my life on some of competing, shouda have sat 
on front of TV with beerbootle and had jus' "fun".  Oh well...
As I said before, if you enjoy just having fun and walk (give out points), do 
it. If you enjoy running (spend hours in contest having fun) do it. If you 
enjoy pushing the envelope and fighting for #1 spot, see you in the pileups! 
Certificates? For those first few #1 something spots, each is eagerly 
awaited. After pile grows, they lose appeal and trophies start looking more 
attractive, then records....
I know one thing, competition, winning, striving for excellence has taught me 
to excel in my career and looking back, I am glad I did it and HAD FUN!!!
Other liberal opinions may vary and that's OK too. 

73 Yuri  

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