[CQ-Contest] Contest Support

Roger Cooke g3ldi at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Aug 7 15:36:32 EDT 2005

  I have been reading the threads of this for a while,
resisting a reply. However, my two-penneth worth is

  If we enter our National Radio Society's contests,
then I would expect them to sponsor the awards. In
order to reduce the expense of plaques etc, perhaps we
should pay a small entry fee for each contest. If this
was only a £1 in the UK case, most contests have
several hundred if not thousands of entries, this
would more than cover any expense. I would be prepared
to go along with that, providing the certificates and
plaques were worth it. 
  I received a certificate from one RTTY contest
earlier this year - via Email - a print-it-yourself
type. If this is what the bottom line is now, I won't
be entering any more contests of that nature! 
  It is similar to the E-QSL, again print-it-yourself.
I am totally anti that system. One of the pleaasures
of receiving an award, of plaque, IS RECEIVING it, in
other words the surprise package in the post. 
  Of course, if you are an avid contester, and enter
just about every one going, it's going to be a bit
expensive. I would be picky and enter just a few.
  By the way, I am not likely to receive any plaques
as I just cannot devote 48 hours to a contest!

73 de Roger, G3LDI

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