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kd4d@comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Sun Aug 7 16:42:56 EDT 2005

Hi Tom:

Gee, you panicked me and made me go back and check.  There is
no 10 minute rule for single operators, only for Multi-two.  There
is no Multi-Multi category in NAQP.  See

So, a single-op can make as many band changes as he wants,
to as many bands as he wants!  You don't have to stick
around for 10 minutes unless you were a M/2 and then you
have two transmitters, each with a 10 minute rule.  You weren't
M/2 unless you were using packet...


Mark, KD4D

Multi-Operator Two-Transmitter: 

More than one person performs transmitting, receiving 
and logging functions, etc. 

A maximum of two transmitted signals at any given time, 
each on a different band. Both transmitters may work 
any and all stations. 

Shall keep a separate log for each transmitter. 

Each transmitter must have at least 10 minutes between 
band changes. 

May operate for the entire 12 hours of the contest. 

> Question is, when I go to 160 to work CA, that is not a new mult for me, even 
> though I am a mult for the other station.  After I get there, I guess I have to 
> take a 10 minute break or tune around and see if there are any other stations.  

> If I don't stay for 10 minutes, then I guess I will be reclassified as a M/M.  
> How can that be if I am the only guy here?  

> Tom W7WHY

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