[CQ-Contest] Band changes

Olivier, f5mzn f5mzn at win-test.com
Sun Aug 7 17:14:18 EDT 2005

Tom Osborne wrote:
> Question is, when I go to 160 to work CA, that is not a new mult for me, even though I am a mult for the other station.  After I get there, I guess I have to take a 10 minute break or tune around and see if there are any other stations.  Most of the time I just went back to 80.
> If I don't stay for 10 minutes, then I guess I will be reclassified as a M/M.  How can that be if I am the only guy here?  Another option is to take any Q's that I made after I got back to 80 out of my log that were made in that 10 minute period.  I think the 10 minute rule is a stupid rule.


Is there really a 10-minutes rule for SOAB in the NAQP contest? I never 
took part in this contest but I can't find anything on that topic in the 
rules, and most of the time this limitation is only for the M/S and the 
M/2 entries.

Olivier / f5mzn

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