[CQ-Contest] Financial Support Potential [was: Contest Support]

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Sun Aug 7 20:16:48 EDT 2005

--- Don Field <don.field at gmail.com> wrote:
> So where should the money come from? No one seems to
> have answered that 
> satisfactorily yet. In most sports it comes
> ultimately from the audience 
> (whether those who visit a stadium, or from TV
> royalties). We don't enjoy 
> that in our hobby. Hence the dilemma. Unless anyone
> has a satisfactory 
> answer, these self-defeating posts on the reflector
> will coninue ad nauseum!

Don raises a great point.  If one were to attempt to
defray the costs of running an event, what monetary
sources could be explored?

For instance...(if anything) would make it worth while
to charge an entry fee, without regard as to
membership in the sponsoring authority?

Ev, W2EV


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