[CQ-Contest] What cost and expected benefit to compete?

Mike DeChristopher mdechristopher at comcast.net
Sat Aug 13 11:38:41 EDT 2005

Ev, by putting a cost to contesting or other radiosports, it takes away the
point.  Remember, in theory, contesting is practice for our stations and our
operating skills.  If it cost money, yes, I'm sure some people would still
compete.  The ones who would stop participating or never start in the first
place wouldn't have a chance to practice their operating skills in a
"high-activity" environment.  You bring up a good point, in the future
someone might get the idea to do this, but I just don't feel it would be the
least bit successful.

So, personally, no matter what the benefits are, I would not compete if I
had to pay.

-Mike, KB1FWN

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