[CQ-Contest] What cost and expected benefit to compete?

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Sun Aug 14 14:20:30 EDT 2005

I wouldn't pay either, not because of some principle but sheer bone 
laziness.  If I had to go to the bank to get a US money order I would 
put it on my to do list and never get it done before the deadline passed. 

"What about payola or some such," you say.  I consider the internet to 
be hopelessly insecure, in spite of all the attempts to convince us 
otherwise, so I don't do money things on the net.  Please, no attempts 
to convince me otherwise; I've read too many accounts of people losing 
money to pay any attention.

I could write a cheque if I had a US bank account, but then I'd have to 
mail it.

I guess that, as I get older, I get really impatient with what I call 
"friction" i.e. things which get in the way.  This doesn't mean I'm not 
willing to put back into ham radio.  I volunteer over a hundred hours a 
year of my time to the club I belong to.

73 de Jim Smith   VE7FO

Mike DeChristopher wrote:

>Ev, by putting a cost to contesting or other radiosports, it takes away the
>point.  Remember, in theory, contesting is practice for our stations and our
>operating skills.  If it cost money, yes, I'm sure some people would still
>compete.  The ones who would stop participating or never start in the first
>place wouldn't have a chance to practice their operating skills in a
>"high-activity" environment.  You bring up a good point, in the future
>someone might get the idea to do this, but I just don't feel it would be the
>least bit successful.
>So, personally, no matter what the benefits are, I would not compete if I
>had to pay.
>-Mike, KB1FWN
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