[CQ-Contest] TCG looking for NAQP SSB Players 3.0

Ny4n@aol.com Ny4n at aol.com
Sun Aug 14 20:19:53 EDT 2005

The Tennessee Contest Group is still looking for team players in the upcoming 
NAQP SSB contest. The date is :
SSB: 1800Z August 20 to 0600Z August 21, 2005 (Third full weekend in August) 
So far, we have the following listed as wanting to play:

W4TDB            PT
W9WI              PT
W4NZ              PT
AF4QB            PT
W0ETC            PT
W4JPG            PT
AD4EB             FT
W2OO              PT
K4KO               PT
W1KLM            FT
WA4JA            PT
KF4TJE/M        PT
If you sent me an e-mail, and don't see your call listed, please send again.
You do not have to do anything special to be on a team, no extra work 
involved. Play in the contest, tally your score and it will be added to others on 
your team. That's It !!!
There are several events, hamfests and other venues that might keep you from 
putting in a full time effort. That's OK too! No matter your time schedule, 
you skill level, equipment, does not matter. You are welcome to play on a TCG 
I will put the teams together, and advise all the players the Friday before 
the contest. I will post this notice once more next week, so not to spam this 
nice system. Send me an email at _ny4n at aol.com_ (mailto:ny4n at aol.com)  and let 
me know if you can put in a full 10 hour run, or a part time effort. Either 
way, WELCOME and good luck 
For a complete set of rules, go to :  _http://www.ncjweb.com/naqprules.php_ 

Jeff  NY4N


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