[CQ-Contest] What cost and expected benefit tocompete?

Martin Luther vk7gn at bigpond.com
Sun Aug 14 21:09:35 EDT 2005

This thread started from complaints from some about slow certificates
and slow results and no net available scores. So, as a solution, a fee
has been proposed. 


It will not work because some of us will just not pay.


Even as a very competitive person I really don't much care what the
printed results say or that I get another plaque and/or certificate.
Running TR, for me, ctrl X , Y, Y stops the fun. I then have a few
thoughts on whether I did better than last year or did I miss something
important and did I get to my goals. I then get to daydreaming about
newer and better antennas, a better switch layout to ease the cramp in
my arm or whatever.


 I often miss the scores when they are printed and certificates etc
arrive as a surprise.


I suspect that those that sweat on the printed results are not a


So folks you can forget an entry fee because I would just let the log
sit in the computer if I had to pay for something that holds very little
interest to me. 




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