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It's the principle, W1AW is the ARRL Headquarters call, (regardless of who is using it). The Headquarters call should upload to L.O.T.W. within a few days, especially since they got their 'BRAG' into 3830 within hours.
Earlier this year K1ZZ went to VP2V and within days after he returned his logs had been uploaded. People who represent the ARRL should strive to support L.O.T.W. and the best way is get logs uploaded in a timely manner. If K1ZZ, the boss, can do it W1AW should be able to also, (regardless who is using the call).
The conformation does nothing for me but might be meaningful to anyone outside the U.S.

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  >I am very pleased to report that W1AW/5 IARU contacts have finally been uploaded to L.O.T.W. My QSL, on L.O.T.W. has finally shown up.
  >Better late than never,,,,,,,, 

  Some people wait until the contest log deadline to submit their logs, and to prepare their LOTW file to upload.   I suspect in the case of W1AW/5 multi-multi they had the additional task of consolidating logs from a dozen operating positions scattered across two (or was it three) different locations.  (I know that it took me a while to have the time to fix some log problems from the multi-single effort I hosted here.)

  It escapes me why getting a LOTW confirmation 30 days after the QSO was a problem (for both of you).   What would you use the confirmation for?   DXCC? 

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