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Lot's of stations don't submit until after the log submission
deadline. I always monitor my LOTW data during the major contest
season. I always see a small spike in incoming QSL's right after the
contest but a much much bigger one right after the deadline. Makes
sense to me. Given the flow rate for cards sent via the buro's even
waiting until the deadline seems like a light-speed response. 

Can't remember who said it but the lament that "Instant gratification
isn't fast enough" comes to mind for this complaint.


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> It's the principle, W1AW is the ARRL Headquarters call, (regardless
>who is using it). The Headquarters call should upload to L.O.T.W.
>within a few days, especially since they got their 'BRAG' into 3830 
>within hours.

I never submit my contest logs to LOTW until after the contest log 
submittal due date.
As was said before, maybe W1AW/5 held off submitting to LOTW until 
AFTER the contest log submittal due date had passed.
What K1ZZ did was his way of doing things (was his VP2V a contest or 
pleasure operation?).  What W1AW or W1AW/5 did was their's.

dale, kg5u
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