[CQ-Contest] 706 CW filters

R Duren Johnson Steamdoc at InfoAve.Net
Fri Aug 19 16:22:20 EDT 2005

    I've had a 706 for mobile op for about 4 years.  The 500Hz filter is
fine for general use and you can always narrow with the passband filter or
use the notch to shut out sigs at the edge of its bandwidth..  I also have
the 250Hz filter and it is very tight but a bigger problem is that it seems
to knock down the signal strength by at least 3-5 S-units.  I would not
recommend it for mobile use--maybe with a good antenna it would be OK.  I'm
using a High Sierra 1800 mobile.  I have no experience with the 350HZ
filter.  These filters, of course, are ICOM filters.  A tighter SSB filter
also helps alot.  I just can't remember which bandwidth I installed right
now!  Hope this helps some.  Best 73  de KR4M (Duren Johnson)

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