IK2DZN - Claudio Astorri ik2dzn at astorri.it
Sat Aug 20 01:30:30 EDT 2005

Dear Contesters,



I read the 2005 CQWWDX CONTEST RULES that are now available on the so often
mentioned WEB site of CQ..


There is one thing that I didn't understand well and maybe some of you can
help me with.



TEAM CONTESTING (that is not RADIO CLUB submission) seems to me allowing
both SINGLE OPERATOR and TEAM CONTESTING participation at the same time.


So, does it simply mean that my score as single operator will be charted
BOTH in the SO classification AND, as part of the 5 member score, in the
TEAM one? 

In other words. 2 classifications with 1 participation?...


My doubt is that TEAM CONTESTING does not allow your personal score to be
part of the SINGLE OPERATOR game.



Any help? Thanks.





73s from Italy, Claudio Astorri, IK2DZN






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