[CQ-Contest] FT-1000D

KE5CTY Bob rtnmi at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 24 23:53:57 EDT 2005

Hi fellows:

Since I am looking at selling my entire Ham Station in
order to buy a FT-1000D I posted a question to the only
group I knew who might know anything about the rig.

I asked the FT1000MP group if anyone knew of a group for
the 1000D.

Hans Remeeus (PA1HR) http://www.remeeus.nl came back with
a reply of "no think I should start one" and I said yes
let's do it.

So to all those interested as of today there is a *very*
moderated group for the 1000D (all first posts are
reviewed before going through to ensure safety of the


73 fer nw,
KE5CTY (old calls WB5ZQU - WY5L)
10X# 37210, FP#-1141, SMIRK#-5177
Code may be taking a back seat for now,
but the pioneering spirit that put the code
there in the first place is out front of it all.

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