[CQ-Contest] 8/26 NS Practice Sprint Submission Problems

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Fri Aug 26 08:01:11 EDT 2005

For some reason, the 3830 submission format didn't work properly last night 
following the latest (and very popular) NCCC NS Sprint practice.  My NS 
report, along with those of K5PTC and K8AJS all can be found when I do a 
search of the 3830 archives by reverse chronological order, but none have 
appeared yet on 3830 itself.  Plus, all three are titled "8/19 NS" even 
though all have the 8/26 info correctly in the reports.  This is a strange one!

Here is my 8/26 report in text format:


20: 30 QSOs
40: 13 QSOs
80:  4 QSOs

752 Points


Spotty condx.  W6 loud on 20 and good on 40, but W4 not strong on 
20.  The  W5/W4 activity on 3540 at the end was nice.

Most mults yet for me.  Worked (in order) TX, ON, WA, AZ, OH, CA, IN, SD, 
NH, MS, NV, CO, OR, MA, GA, and FL.

Ten minute segments:

1st 10 13 (26 WPM)
2nd 10 15 (half 26, half 29 WPM)
3rd 10 19 (29 WPM)

The last ten minute segment was a good one for me for a change.

There was a lot of activity, and I got beat out my that pesky QRP station 
K5NZ not once but twwice to W6!!!  Never worked 'NZ or 'PTC tonite.

Nice CTDXCC activity as W5JAW, KE5C, and K5NA were worked in addition to 
K5NZ who was heard (beating me out).

Most frequently worked stations: K6XX (4x), VA3NR,W9RE,W6SJ, (all 3x).

Thanks NCCC!



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