[CQ-Contest] RFI Issue

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Mon Aug 29 10:06:24 EDT 2005

You may want to check on the rfi reflector and send a recording of the noise
to the rfi noise webpage so we can hear it.

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> I hope the group doesn't mind me taking a little bandwidth on this, but
> I've been searching for a solution to an RFI for months to no avail.  If
> anyone knows what this might be, or has seen this before, I'll be in your
> eternal debt.  It's my luck that this is roughly in the direction of
> Europe.
> Since about April I've had RFI issues on 20 through 10 meters, but loudest
> on 15.  I have an IC756PROII, and on the scope it appears to be a series
> of
> spikes moving right to left (seems to be a switching power
> supply?...unstable and decreasing frequency).  When it's just the spikes
> the noise has a grinding sound on SSB.  But there's another
> component.  This is a series of little blobs moving very quickly left to
> right on the scope, which I take to mean unstable and increasing
> frequency).  This is accompanied by a rushing water sound (best I can
> describe it).
> Here's another kicker....it NEVER occurs during rain.  Never.  The local
> power company has now been out four times trying to find this thing and
> have tightened the hardware on a number of poles, but the noise
> persists.  I'm convinced it's not the power company.
> To give you an example of the sequence, today is a good example.  It
> rained
> last night/this morning, no noise.  Then the sun came out about 11 AM, the
> little spikes appeared, moving right to left on the scope.  The the little
> blobs appear.  This goes on for about an hour, then it's only the spikes
> and then the noise (and spikes) abruptly stops.  Then, the little spikes
> (and grinding noise) appear sporadically for maybe 2-3 seconds at a time.
> I've never seen the noise appear at night,  And though it never appears
> when it's raining or damp, it's not there all the time when the sun's out,
> either.
> I've pegged the direction at 60 degrees, and have drawn a line with that
> heading from my QTH on the map I use for APRS.  I've driven that way a
> number of times, but nothing.  I've often come home to find the noise
> gone,
> so it's possible I was chasing a ghost.  Oh, I've shut off breakers in my
> house and it doesn't matter (besides the house is not at 60 degrees, but
> who knows?)
> My wife was all set to drive me around this afternoon when the noise, once
> again, stopped.
> Does anyone have a clue what this might be?  If you got this far, thanks
> for reading.
> 73, Joe KQ3F
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