[CQ-Contest] RFI Issue

Eric Scace K3NA eric at k3na.org
Wed Aug 31 21:22:03 EDT 2005

Possibly a solar-powered battery charger?

Never at night, and never during rain.  When the sun comes out, the 
battery is being topped off... and thereafter it's on trickle-charge.

Any place in that direction have solar panels, or those little 
driveway/walkway lamps that have solar panels on top of each lamp?

    -- Eric K3NA

> At 05:11 PM 8/28/05, Joe Stepansky wrote:

>>Here's another kicker....it NEVER occurs during rain.  Never.

>>To give you an example of the sequence, today is a good example.  It rained
>>last night/this morning, no noise.  Then the sun came out about 11 AM, the
>>little spikes appeared, moving right to left on the scope.  The the little
>>blobs appear.  This goes on for about an hour, then it's only the spikes
>>and then the noise (and spikes) abruptly stops.  Then, the little spikes
>>(and grinding noise) appear sporadically for maybe 2-3 seconds at a time.
>>I've never seen the noise appear at night,  And though it never appears
>>when it's raining or damp, it's not there all the time when the sun's out,

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