[CQ-Contest] Fixing contests

Joe Subich, W4TV k4ik at subich.com
Thu Dec 1 11:21:59 EST 2005


If you want to improve the number of participants in a contest like
CQWW, the scoring system for US stations absolutely needs to be fixed.
It can be completely demoralizing for a station in the middle of the
US with poor antennas to not be able to work anyone for point credit
while the same attic-wire antenna in DL has access to some thirty
countries within what would be the boundaries of the USA.

Yes, one point for "own country" QSOs and multipliers for US states
and VE provinces would change the nature of CQWW but the change would
not be that significant in the competitive arena.

The real change would be to provide more activity and interest for
the entry level, non-big gun.  Simply look at the number of little
gun and casual contesters in Europe vs. the number of little gun and
casual contesters in the US.  I would contend that the rules encourage
participation by small stations in Europe and discourage participation
by small stations in the US, Canada, and Japan.  When the number of
participants from China catches up with their share of the global
population, I expect the "zero point" issue and large geographical
area will also discourage participation there as well.


    ... Joe, W4TV

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> It seems to me that the fixin of contests... should best be
> focused on how to improve the number of participants, in mass
> numbers, and in skill level, i.e. self satisfaction of improving
> one's own abilities as compared to oneself.
>   It also seems to me that the focus may have become skewed
> to "How can we fix contests to make it so I can. Absolutely win."
>   And the only contest that focus will win, is the very fast
> approaching LAST contest ever.
> --...   ...--
> Dale - WC7S in Wy

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