[CQ-Contest] Fixing contests

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Thu Dec 1 12:30:11 EST 2005

Actually added in one pointers would increase participation or at least QSO
totals in the USA which has the largest base of Amateurs.  

My comments are to make the contest more fun and enjoyable for all.  Being
located in the midwest-west is a big down fall compared to those on the East
coast much closer to a huge multiplier base.

Contests will never be fair.  If you want to get more people involved then
make their contact count!  How knows they might even work a bunch of DX too.

Discussion is what brings change.

Mike W0MU


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It seems to me that the fixin of contests... should best be focused on how
to improve the number of participants, in mass numbers, and in skill level,
i.e. self satisfaction of improving one's own abilities as compared to
  It also seems to me that the focus may have become skewed to "How can we
fix contests to make it so I can. Absolutely win."
  And the only contest that focus will win, is the very fast approaching
LAST contest ever.

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Dale - WC7S in Wy

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