[CQ-Contest] Zero point QSO's

Sergey Shitov sergeysh at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 2 18:31:16 EST 2005

Good discussion.

Really I don't see the point of encouraging domestic
contacts in CQWWDX. More domestic QSO's will on the
other hand impact on DX contacts i.e. a DX will be
last in a queue to work the station. As a result this
will discourage many DX stations to participate etc.. 

Why not to accept the challenge of the rules as they
are today? If not, there are some other contests where
domestic QSO's do count, you can always compete in
those ones.

If you want a challenge - be a DX yourself. If you
want a real challenge go and contest from a location
like VP8, VK0 etc.. This will be hard work to setup
the station and to keep it going, and there will be
very small chance to win anything apart from a
certificate for your own DX country. Your effort will
be appreciated by the others contesters and DXers
though. No problems with many zero pointers there.

I am not convinced that automatic credit for your own
zone/country is right way to go either. In SOAB
category - how many bands will it count for? Some
operate on 5 bands, others on 6, 10 M QSO can not be
possible at the time. Those contacts should be worked
and not automaticatlly granted.


Sergey VK2IMM

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