[CQ-Contest] zero pointers etc

Mike Tessmer Mike.Tessmer at hillmangroup.com
Fri Dec 2 19:42:13 EST 2005

>for taking the time to work those bozos in the first place...my station
>wasted 6 hours of time to be friendly...maybe I should refuse to work
>stateside...since they are too dumb and don't know the rules...duh!!!

I think one can only call it wasted if one can verify that a 1, 2 or 3 pt
QSO was lost at the time each 0 pointer was worked.  Otherwise it hurt
nothing and your frequency stayed busy.  Or if the 0 pointer occured at 2PM
on 40m (USA perspective) there probably wasn't much of anything lost.  Be
friendly now and maybe the "bozos" will call back in something like WPX.

One might also look at it as a marketing opportunity....contesting can
never have enough of that.  Coca Cola is a well-known product world wide,
yet they still spend millions in advertising every year.

73, Mike K9NW

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