Harry Flasher hflasher at dayton.net
Sat Dec 3 11:07:07 EST 2005

I have been reading the various comments on one vs. zero points, etc.  I 
want to enter some comments as I have been in the contests from both 
stateside and a number of DX locations (mainly Grenada as J37K, J3A and 

I very much like the idea of automatic credit for your own Country (the 
entity credit) of operation..  I think this could be done by just 
entering your own call.  This would also pick up your zone. 

What about zones of the other parts of your Country?   In USA, one can 
QSO Canadian stations for the zone.  I only found one zone (19) that did 
not appear to have another  DX entity available.  For this and any 
others I missed,  I suggest on application to contest director for 
credit be allowed.    The basic rule would be no QSO's are allowed with 
one's own DX entity except for own call .

Overall comment - at times many bands are very crowded in the contest.  
I believe that allowing the one point for one's own country would make 
the QRM level much worse.  This is a DX based contest and should remain 
the same.

Yes, some areas have advantage over others.  From Grenada, we only get 2 
points to USA/Canada (approximately 1/2 of all QSO's) whiles others 
closer to USA/Canada get 3 points.  So be it.  Stations very close to EU 
get 3 points for EU contacts but also have ever so many entities 
available.  So be it.  Those stations compete with each others for the 
top scores.   Others can compete within their geographic areas. 

73, Harry  AC8G, J37K (plus current license holder of J3A)

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