[CQ-Contest] SWL report 160m saturday morning

dt pattaya at direcpc.com
Sat Dec 3 14:11:55 EST 2005


Just want you to know both Marlene and I share your disappointment.
We are well aware there are stations calling us that we are unable to 
pull out.
Be assured , we run legal limit, but not a drop more.

If you can give me a time frame, I think we can provide you with a 
If you pull your call out of the fog, then we have the answer,
at 74 years old , it's time for me to give up.

If you don't hear your call,
 then we invite you to come over and point out what we might do to improve
the 12 beverages we have.  they average around 900 feet each.

BTW, we do appreciate any comments about our signal or our operation.

Doug, n5ect
(cw op at wd5r)
Marlene, the real WD5R, (ssb)

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