[CQ-Contest] zero pointers etc

Hershel Kreis hkreis at james-city.va.us
Sat Dec 3 18:28:55 EST 2005

I have been reading this thread for the past few days, and I have to agree with K9NW.  This seems to be more of an issue with the big guns.  Personally, I was glad to get a spot in the some of the big guns logs during CQ WW because I needed the multiplier.  If I was operating with all of the aluminum they have in the sky, I would have been able to get a DX in their zone, but it is not always that way for us who have just a dipole and 100W.  
Maybe the solution might be dealt with by allowing HP stations to claim a point for the QSO.  
I have only recently gotten back on the radio after an almost 10 year sabbatical (not totally all by choice) and I am personally thankful for the fact that I am able to make a half-way decent showing with my very modest station.  One day, when I have multiple towers and stacked antennas running fully legal limit, I might have this problem. 
Personally, I hope that the big guns will tolerate our (the little pistols) "intrusion" into their contests and continue to answer our calls!!!
Operating from America's birthplace 

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