[CQ-Contest] zero pointers etc

Joe Subich, W4TV k4ik at subich.com
Sat Dec 3 13:48:56 EST 2005

K9NW writes:
> After further review, it seems the zero point QSO "problem"
> is really only an issue for the large US Multi-Multis.  Not
> much input from SOAB types.

The zero point rule tends to concentrate SOAB operations in
areas that do not have to deal with the zero point issue (EU,
W1, W2, W3).  In those places with large numbers of potential
zero point Qs, you will fine a larger proportion of single-
band and multi-1 or multi-2 operations.

Quite simply ... the zero point rule discourages participation
in large geographically spread countries.  DX means "distance"
not, necessarily another country.  There is no reason that K4XS
should get zero points for a QSO with a W1 when a DL would get
at least 2 points for a QSO less than 1/3 the same distance.

Adopting the CQWW RTTY system of one points for "own country"
and multipliers for US States/VE Provinces will not materially
change the nature of the contest.  However, it will encourage
more activity in the US and Canada as well as make single band
160, 80 and 40 meter entries more appealing.


    ... Joe, W4TV

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