[CQ-Contest] Refocusing from One-point QSO's

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Sun Dec 4 06:52:45 EST 2005

--- Michael Tope <W4EF at dellroy.com> wrote:
> What we really ought to do is go to a grid square
> based format like the Stew Perry Contest. Keep the 
> multiplier structure the same (the software can
> figure out the DXCC country and CQ zone from the
> callsign and the grid square. QSO points based on
> actual great circle distance. This wouldn't get rid
> of the auoral zone handicap (unless you weighted 
> the distance based on degree of auroral zone 
> traversal), but it would make "DX" synonymous with
> "distance" again.   

http://w2ev.rochesterny.org/DXDashLogger allows for
all of these strategies.  It was developed (is being
developed, actually) as a solution to an unrealized
problem.  You just summed up the problem quite nicely!

To make this work we need three very simple things:

1. Contest exchanges that include either Grid4 or
Grid6 along with anything else you want to throw in.

2. Cabrillo robots that can parse and score
independently of the logging system that generated it
in the first place

3. An intrinsic understanding that it is impossible to
normalize score.  All that can be done is report what
you got and the conditions under which you got it
(ERP, location, operating time, number of operators,
band of operation).

*That* takes me to a second post...The Stew Perry Top
Band Challenge and DXDash Logger (which also does
online scoreboarding, btw).  See my next note.

Ev, W2EV

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