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Sun Dec 4 07:42:04 EST 2005

PREFACE:  This note is being sent to both CQ-Contest@
and VHFcontest@ lists because there are common
interests noted below.  You may wish to print this
e-mail out, as it includes specific info that can help

Jargon Alert:  The following terms shall be deemed as
entering the mainstream of Amateur radiosporting in
the year 2006. :)

Online Scoreboard(ing) - The process by which
participants in an off-line (from the perspective of
the Internet) event use the Internet to display the
events progress in real (or near-real) time.

CWAC(ing) - Pronounced: Quack (-ing)  Acronym: Contest
Within A Contest.

BACKGROUND: The Stew Perry Top Band (160 meters) event
is about to be held
(http://jzap.com/k7rat/stew.rules.txt).  It uses call
sign and Grid4 as the exchange.  Official scores are
calculated by a formula that is clearly shown in the
rules-link above.  Of special note is that log
submission is via an e-mail Robot that will accept
Cabrillo formatted logs and auto calculate the correct
score for the submitter.


ANNOUNCEMENT:  The Stew Perry Top Band DX Challenge is
getting CWAC'd. :)  Casual participants are invited to
have fun for a good cause (helping to usher in a new
way of contesting ... and testing out a new contest
logger in the process - it is at alpha level but it
has workd nicely for previous events).  You must have
Internet access at your logging location to

1. Read the rules to the event (link above)
2. Familiarize yourself with the logging system here:
3. Join the yahoogroup list that supports the software
   note: it is not a discussion group - it is an
4. Download the software from the yahoogroup files
5. Play with it using the "Test" band (not selecting
6. Use it during the Stew Perry event (selecting 160
m, not Test)

Note: DXDash Logger calculates score differently than
HFers are used to.  Score = QSO's x Grid4's.  That's
ok because the Stew Perry log robot will calculate
your score correctly after submittal.  QSO's x Grid4's
is how the CWAC will be scored.

When the Stew Perry event is over...
1. Generate a Cabrillo file
2. Use a text editor to make sure that the header info
is ok.  You may need to change your entry class, etc.
3. Send it to the Stew Perry robot for processing as
an official entry!  The Robot will score it in accord
with the Stew Perry formula.

CWAC'd Awards will be given to the top scoring station
in each of two categories in each *region*.  The
categories are: "My Class" and "All Classes".  "My
Class" includes stations with an ERP that is +/-
5-dB's of yours.  "All Classes" includes all
participants (even if someone is 20dB's more ERP'd
than you are).  A region is defined as 3x5 or 5x9
Grid4's, with you in the center.  Both items are
addressed within DXDash Logger.

Submitting for the CWAC'd activity is easy.  You must
be connected to the Internet during the event.  With
your callsign in the top-spot of "MyRegion" at the end
of the CWAC'd event, take a screen shot (by pressing
<PrtSc>), paste it in an e-mail and send it to
CWACing at yahoo.com.  Awards will be presented to the
categories of (in order of difficulty in attaining

1. All Classes, 5x9 Grid4 Region centered on you
2. All Classes, 3x5 Grid4 Region centered on you
3. My Class Only, 5x9 Grid4 Region centered on you
4. My Class Only, 3x5 Grid4 Region centered on you

Dragonslayer Honors will be bestowed on any
participant who can document and report operational
bugs (not feature enhancement requests) in the DXDash
Logger system (please remember... this has been shown
to be a stable system, but this is an Alpha-code
shakedown...use it with that known risk).

String up that inverted Vee!  Tune up that hamstick! 
The "CWAC'd" version of the Stew Perry is on its way!

Ev, W2EV

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