[CQ-Contest] Keyer problem

Charles Wooten NF4A nf4a at knology.net
Sun Dec 4 21:26:31 EST 2005

I also have one of these keyers from him...mine is a model ETM9C-X3. In the
book, it says to turn the speed control fully clockwise on power up so it
can calibrate. Send a couple of dits, then turn it fully counter-clockwise
and send a couple of dits. This is supposed to calibrate the speed range. 

This is a stupid question, but I will ask it anyhow, did you change the
battery? .... I know, they last forever in that keyer.

Also, in the "inquiry" mode, (press buttons 5 and 6 simultaneously, and you
should get a "?", then send an R. That will tell you the operating speed
range the keyer is set to. 4 digits will be sent, XX then YY. XX=low speed
limit YY=high speed limit. If that is not the speed range you want, then
press buttons 1 and 2 and you will hear "F". Then send Rxxyy xx being low
end speed and yy being high end speed. Example, R1535 means speed is set to
15 wpm counter-clockwise and 35 wpm fully clockwise.

Hope this helps.

Charlie NF4A

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While at HC8N my trusty DJ2BW keyer failed and I can't get the problem
I'm afraid it's the chip but maybe not if there is a way to completely do a
total reset.

Everything seems to work ok except the speed.  When it powers up it's
supposed to default to 20 WPM but mine starts at about 8 wpm and I cannot
get it adjusted.
When trying to set the speed according to the manual I get an error sound
after I send the "s" in the function mode.

The variable speed pot works but max is about 8 wpm and minimum is about 1/2

Any suggestions?  This keyer uses the same logic as the Logickeyer and a
couple of others.


Tony W4OI

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