[CQ-Contest] ARRL 160 and DX Window

Dale Putnam daleputnam at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 5 20:50:51 EST 2005

I've always understood that being somewhat rare, altho located within the 
US... doesn't allow abuse. Although, running qrp did cause me to think about 
it... I must admit.
And I wonder if some of the stations I did log didn't think I was dx before 
they got the call right.
It is a bit of concern, the abusers always seem to get contacts... but I 
wonder... is it simply a case of supply and demand...?? If we didn't 
demand... then they wouldn't supply. Would they stay there if no one called 
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Dale - qrp in WY - WC7S

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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] ARRL 160 and DX Window
>Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 13:17:25 -0500
>   Is there still a DX window for ARRL DX 160 ??  It seems year after year 
>I hear the same USA
>   stations abusing the DX window. It seems many of these stations are in 
>rare sections so they
>   seem to get away with CQing in the DX window without anyone harassing 
>   Jeff KU8E
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