[CQ-Contest] ARRL 160 and DX Window

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Tue Dec 6 08:08:41 EST 2005

Perhaps some of the DX Window interlopers were making an honest,
fatigue-indiced mistake? Not everyone is used to vigorous mental activity at
3 AM local time.  It didn't seem as bad as it's been in past years.

More disturbing to me is the attitude of some of the big guns who feel
they've staked out a frequency and you'd better not use it, even if they're
gone for extended periods of time.  A certain station in IL did this to me.
I was on 1823 for almost 10 minutes and had a decent run going  Then he came
back from his multiplier hunt and just went back to CQing.  Needless to say
I left but it's still poor operating in my book.

73 Steve K0SR

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> ku8e at bellsouth.net wrote:
> >   Is there still a DX window for ARRL DX 160 ??  It seems year after
year I hear the same USA
> >   stations abusing the DX window.
> Gee, I thought honoring of the DX window was _better_ than in past
> years.  Yes, there were violators, but seemed to me like fewer than I've
> heard previously.  I tried to do my part by skipping W/VE stations CQing
> in the window as I went S&Ping through, looking for DX stations.
> Bud, W2RU
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