[CQ-Contest] What to expect from 10 meters???

Tue Dec 6 22:35:51 EST 2005


I decided to check out ten this morning to get a feel for how the band was
"perking". I worked a number of stations with modest rigs (50 W and mobile
antenna) and good signals. I didn't hear any Europeans, but I worked a
couple of LUs. I think there was propagation to Africa, at least there was
during the CQWWCW test. The loudest signal I heard was VE2.

I expect the band to be jumping for the contest.

Bill, W5VX

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>At 03:16 PM 12/6/2005, Jacob W Tennant wrote:
>>I am a novice contester and was wondering what to expect from this
>>ARRL 10 Meter contest? Will be trying as a single op low power (100watts)
>>without any fancy equipment just my FT-840 and a 80 meter dipole. My big
>>vertical is at a friends house after a snow storm took out his antennas.
>>Just wondering. . .
>>Jacob Tennant - K8JWT
>You will probably be surprised at how much activity there is. During
>the previous solar cycle at about this same point (pitiful SFI) I
>worked over 500 stations during the contest. Outside of the contest
>the band was dead. Ten is open a lot more than most folks realize.
>73, Bill W6WRT
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