[CQ-Contest] ARRL 160 and DX Window

Jeff Maass jmaass at columbus.rr.com
Wed Dec 7 04:04:45 EST 2005

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> At 09:33 AM 12/6/2005, W0MU Mike Fatchett wrote:
> >After a few contacts.
> >This stations fires back up right on top of us.  They pretended not to hear
> >us.  Funny thing is we kept working folks and they didn't and finally left.
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> When they "pretend not to hear us" and at the same time, you work 
> folks on that frequency that they don't, I suspect they have a VFO 
> problem, either RIT, XIT or split. It happens.
> 73, Bill W6WRT

On 160 meters, when a station has many directional receive
antennas, it might be that they actually did not hear you. 

At K1LT last weekend, Victor had 13 Beverages selectable,
and often any given station was "present" only on one or
two of them. Listening on the transmit antenna when "QRL?"
sometimes helps, if the other station is not under the

When the focus is on listening for Europe during peak 
hours, domestic stations off the back or sides may be
completely undetected for long periods of time (although
we try to cycle through all directions regularly). 

This plethora of receive options also results in the need
for a new Q-signal: "Please send your call many times - I
have many RX antennas and must find which I can copy
you on"!

73,  Jeff  K8ND

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