[CQ-Contest] SO2R - How Good is Good Enough?

Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 7 11:01:08 EST 2005

For me, it's not good enough, but I take what I can get, given my 
self-imposed limitation of one tower.  Barefoot, I can get within 3-5 
Khz of a second harmonic.  High power, it's about 15 KHz give or take a 
little, depending on band.

One thing I always keep in mind when establishing a run frequency is 
will the second harmonic impede me significantly on that band.  For 
example, when in a RTTY contest, CQing on 7040 is a problem when 20m is 
open, 14080 being the center of the RTTY band. 

Barry W2UP

Pete Smith wrote:

>I've just spent a lot of effort, and probably too much money, on antenna switching and filtering for SO2R.  The resulting system seems to work quite well, at least at 100 watt power levels, but I realized I don't have a good sense of what experienced SO2R ops and station builders consider to be "good enough."  In particular, how close to the harmonics of your transmitter frequency should you be able to listen effectively with the second radio?
>73, Pete N4ZR
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