[CQ-Contest] What to expect from 10 meters???

Wendell Wyly - W5FL wendell at wyly.org
Wed Dec 7 15:27:51 EST 2005

Year before last, there was a very long and very strong opening late at
night (long after the band had closed) that allowed me to work hundreds of
stations during the 10 meter contest.  It probably will not be on packet, so
listen a lot and transmit so someone else will know the band is open!
Signals were very strong any many said that I was the only station they had
heard that night.

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On Dec 6, 2005, at 6:16 PM, Jacob W Tennant wrote:

> I am a novice contester and was wondering what to expect from this  
> weekends
> ARRL 10 Meter contest?

During the sunspot low, which we are virtually in now, it's hard to  
tell what to expect. 10m may barely open at all, or it could be  
filled with activity. Odd propagation modes may present themselves,  
including Es.

In general, at this time, I would expect solid north-south  
propagation during the day and early evening. There may be more of an  
east-west opening if the sun cooperates. Look for this from sunrise  
until a few hours after to the east, and similarly a few hours before  
sunset to the west.

The hard part is the unexpected. Sometimes, an hour or two after  
sunset, there may be weak propagation all over the states. Signals  
may not be strong, but on a quiet band contacts are possible.

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