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RE:   ARRL 10m Contest: Learning Opportunity

YCCC member WB1EDI sparked this thought with his recent report on the 160m 
contest. Thanks Barry.

The coming ARRL 10m Contest is a great learning opportunity. This contest 
attracts good levels of activity, but because sunspot activity is low, band 
conditions will not support the incredible band openings, crowded spectrum and 
huge rates that the band is capable of at the high point in the sunspot cycle.

But, this is, in fact, the good news for new contesters who want to expand 
their skills in a live situation that's less stressful than a big DX contest or 
Sweepstakes. 10m is a BIG band. So, here are the advantages of the 10m contest:
   -  Conditions will support moderate activity - both domestic and some DX.
   -  There will be lots of room to spread out this weekend.
   -  Your little pistol station will work well.
   -  You can try your hand at phone, cw or both.

What are some of the learning opportunities? Try these:
   -  See how many QSOs you can manage in 20 minutes by just scanning up and 
down the band [no packet]
   -  See how many new multipliers you can find by scanning the band for 20 
minutes [no packet]
   -  TRY RUNNING!  Call cq and get a run going. Maybe it'll be a short run. 
Maybe nobody will answer you. But, this is a great chance to give it a try.
   -  Attention CW ops! Try working on your phone skills. Figure out how to 
make it as much fun as CW. Set a goal and exceed it.
   -  Attention phone ops! Try working on your CW skills. When you run, GET A 
WHOLE CALLSIGN when more than one station is calling you. [Want to know the 
biggest secrect to running fast? NO FILLS!]

Rules are at http://www.arrl.org/contests/rules/2005/10-meters.html

Other ideas welcome. Anybody have an idea for a mini-competition that would 
provide motivation for newer ops to get on and try something new?


Jim Idelson K1IR
email    k1ir at designet.com
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