[CQ-Contest] What to expect from 10 meters???

Bill Turner dezrat1242 at ispwest.com
Wed Dec 7 18:59:22 EST 2005

At 12:46 PM 12/7/2005, John Bastin K8AJS wrote:

>The more wire in the air, the better.


Better what?

Very long wavelength dipoles have strong directivity and deep nulls, 
not a good thing if you can't rotate it. For a world wide contest I'd 
recommend a traditional half wave dipole, or better yet, an inverted 
vee with an apex angle of about 45 degrees, which is nearly omnidirectional.

In the case of the original poster, a good interim solution would be 
to put up an inverted vee and be able to switch between that and the 
80 meter antenna.

73, Bill W6WRT

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