[CQ-Contest] Conditions for 10m

Per Eklund per.e at kommunicera.umea.se
Wed Dec 14 08:17:26 EST 2005

Was Aurora Es here in Northern Sweden.
Probably around most of the north pole, more or less.
Worked both OY:s 1377km and TF:s 1806km here on the first hop.
They were very strong.

Southern states came trough in the beginning of the opening on sunday.
Maybe TX had a ~3000km F-hop to the northeast to begin with, bouncing north of Canada.
Then 2 E-hops. (?)
In the end of the contest also the northern states came trough.
3 E-hops?
TX is about 8000km and NY about 6000km from here.
Strongest signals came from FL area. A first bounce near greenland then 2E?
(3000km+1800km+1800km) Or an other similar combination.
What does the W6EL program say with this assumption?

73 Per SM2LIY / SM2M

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> Rick NQ4I wrote:
> >Hi all...the appearance of the OH, SM, TF and other Northern EU stations in
> >the 10m contest really amaze me...I plugged the numbers in the W6EL
> >propagation program and there is not a hint that this is 
> >available...It seems to happen with a lot of frequency when the 
> >conditions are
> >not really very good...and Sporadic E seems to be taking place
> Rick,
> I'm sure the propagation gurus will explain it to us, but that 
> Scandinavian 10M opening is not unusual, good conditions or bad. In 
> Texas it normally peaks just before our sunset, i.e. far into their 
> night. But I seem to recall it happened a bit earlier in this contest?
> What was interesting, at least in Texas : With a few exceptions, the 
> band was more or less closed through the weekend on the normal paths 
> to Europe, but that OH/SM opening still occurred.
> John, NT5C.
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