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Wed Dec 14 11:54:01 EST 2005

Good evening all,

W6EL SW knows the direct Sunlight ionizes, takes the flux number and
trys to build on that.
Same goes pretty much for VOACAP.

There are also other ways to ionise the ionosphere that are difficult to
model with current knowledge as we do not really know what does the
indirect type of ionising.

The F, A and K indexes showed clearly the probability for a 10m DX
opening is very small.
2m guys were working their kind of DX, so there was a decent aurora
opening on 2m.
Usually that means zero propagation thru the oval for any signals.

Then oddly, sometimes the lady fortuna rolls the ionosphere preferring
our targets.

This is something we Finns call 'a hole through the aurora'.
So, there was a lot of ionisation going on, but for some mysterious
reason the 10m opened two plus hours after the sunset for real DX

I had gone home from OH4A because during the daylight there simply were
no signals on the 10 m band.

Jukka OH6LI 

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>Hi all...the appearance of the OH, SM, TF and other Northern 
>EU stations in the 10m contest really amaze me...I plugged the 
>numbers in the W6EL propagation program and there is not a 
>hint that this is available...is it some form of Es that 
>spills over? Anyone have a clue what was happening here?? It 
>seems to happen with a lot of frequency when the conditions 
>are not really very good...and Sporadic E seems to be taking 
>place....de Rick nq4i 
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