[CQ-Contest] conditions for 10m

Gary Sutcliffe w9xt at unifiedmicro.com
Thu Dec 15 07:11:54 EST 2005

This opening is quite common on 10 and 15M.  It has given me OH/SM/LA  and 
occasionally UA multipliers a number of times the normal opening earlier in 
the day did not go that far north.  I always make a point of looking for it 
when I need these multipliers.

This year it gave me OH and SM on both modes and TF on phone. I didn't work 
any other Europeans this year in the 10M contest. OH6NIO was a solid S9 
when he called me, and that may have been the strongest signal I ever heard 
this path. Most of the time the signals are very weak, but workable.

K9LA wrote about it a few years ago in his propagation column in World Radio.

There is a similar opening with northern North America being at the eastern 
end.  Unfortunately the other end is in zone 23 and I have only heard 
activity on this path once.

73 - Gary, W9XT

At 09:18 PM 12/13/2005, Rick Dougherty NQ4I wrote:
>Hi all...the appearance of the OH, SM, TF and other Northern EU stations in
>the 10m contest really amaze me...I plugged the numbers in the W6EL
>propagation program and there is not a hint that this is available...is it
>some form of Es that spills over? Anyone have a clue what was happening
>here?? It seems to happen with a lot of frequency when the conditions are
>not really very good...and Sporadic E seems to be taking place....de Rick

Gary Sutcliffe  W9XT
Unified Microsystems
w9xt at unifiedmicro.com

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