[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Steve London n2ic at arrl.net
Thu Dec 15 13:25:14 EST 2005

Put yourself in the shoes of a contest log-checker.

(All calls, contests, and times in this example are completely ficticious.)

In checking the logs, you notice that a number of stations claim to have 
worked XY8Z between 1700-1730Z. No other QSO's with XY8Z occurred at 
other times during the contest. You have personal knowledge that XY8Z 
was not active in the contest. On a whim, you go to the DX Summit and 
enter XY8Z in the spot database search. You find a single spot for XY8Z 
at 1658Z. You also notice that many of the logs claiming to have worked 
XY8Z were submitted as single-operator, without assistance.

Were those logs entered in the wrong category, either accidently or 
maliciously ?  What would you do as contest log checker ?

Steve, N2IC

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