[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Thu Dec 15 19:09:33 EST 2005

Since this happens in every single contest I propose the following rule change in every contest: Allow the use of packet in all classes.
There are hundreds, yes hundreds, of cheaters in every contest. After  fighting it for all these years I GIVE UP. All of the contest sponsors are well aware of the cheating, it is rampant. The sad part is the overwhelming majority of the cheaters are basically nice guys who for whatever reason cheat during contests. The sponsors refuse to enforce any action against the cheaters because they don't want to offend anyone, after all magazine revenue is more important than integrity.
So lets stop all the nonsense and just allow the use of packet for everyone who needs it to find contacts during a contest. We have beaten this horse to death for many years now and the only possible solution is to just allow packet use for everyone.

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  Put yourself in the shoes of a contest log-checker.

  (All calls, contests, and times in this example are completely ficticious.)

  In checking the logs, you notice that a number of stations claim to have 
  worked XY8Z between 1700-1730Z. No other QSO's with XY8Z occurred at 
  other times during the contest. You have personal knowledge that XY8Z 
  was not active in the contest. On a whim, you go to the DX Summit and 
  enter XY8Z in the spot database search. You find a single spot for XY8Z 
  at 1658Z. You also notice that many of the logs claiming to have worked 
  XY8Z were submitted as single-operator, without assistance.

  Were those logs entered in the wrong category, either accidently or 
  maliciously ?  What would you do as contest log checker ?

  Steve, N2IC
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