[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Richard L. King k5na at texas.net
Thu Dec 15 16:57:41 EST 2005

I believe that you are saying that XY8Z was not actually active in 
the contest and that the spot for XY8Z was a "busted call" spot. 
Let's suppose that the real station operating at that time and 
frequency was really 6Y8Z.

First I would verify that 6Y8Z was actually the DX operating on that 
frequency at that time.

Second, assuming that the incorrect call could only have been 
obtained from the busted call spot on the DX spotting network, I 
would reclassify each of those logs as "assisted".

Disqualification is a possibility, especially if the same scenario 
happens more than once in the same log. However, I believe that many 
casual people use packet and don't really care whether their entry is 
single-op or single-op assisted. These are the people who would 
operate and not send in logs 10 years ago but now turn in their logs 
because it is so much easier to do so today by email. These are also 
people who don't read the rules very closely.

If it is a serious competitor's log you are talking about, I might 
consider disqualification.

73, Richard - K5NA

At 18:25 12/15/2005, Steve London wrote:
>Put yourself in the shoes of a contest log-checker.
>(All calls, contests, and times in this example are completely ficticious.)
>In checking the logs, you notice that a number of stations claim to have
>worked XY8Z between 1700-1730Z. No other QSO's with XY8Z occurred at
>other times during the contest. You have personal knowledge that XY8Z
>was not active in the contest. On a whim, you go to the DX Summit and
>enter XY8Z in the spot database search. You find a single spot for XY8Z
>at 1658Z. You also notice that many of the logs claiming to have worked
>XY8Z were submitted as single-operator, without assistance.
>Were those logs entered in the wrong category, either accidently or
>maliciously ?  What would you do as contest log checker ?
>Steve, N2IC
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