[CQ-Contest] conditions for 10 meters

Mark Steven Williams k9gx at n4gn.com
Thu Dec 15 22:28:13 EST 2005


Saw your comment on the reflector and just wanted to congratulate you guys 
on the FB score in the 10m test. Congrats!
Don't remember exactly when we (N4GN) worked you, but at the time Tim 
commented "those guys are going to be hard to beat". He was right.

It was a wacky weekend. Es stuff we were working here (WV, PA, NC, etc) was 
incredibly loud for short periods..then suddenly it was all TX, NM and OK.

The F2-Es path which opened up for the east coast to Europe and Scandinavia 
Sunday afternoon never quite made it this far southwest and we had some 
other challenges. I was fighting a nasty cold, Tim's XYL had a severe flu 
attack Sunday morning...and I had to take one of the K9GX DX doggies to the 
vet after she suffered and epileptic seizure. Bottom line...we logged about 
12 hours.

CU next year!

Merry Christmas

Mark S. Williams
Elizabeth, IN
k9gx at n4gn.com

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> Operator running cw here at my place Friday night (10m test) reported 
> having
> a DL call in and working him on a southwest path.  I do not recall the 
> exact
> time this qso was made but off the top of my head it was about 0240z. 
> This
> was most certainly unexpected.
> Bob NX5M
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>> As long as we are discussing strange openings.  How about 10 or 15 meters
> at around 0400 to 0500z beaming due south and hearing and working UA0 and
> VK6.  I first found this opening long after the bands had died to SA and 
> VK
> while operating W4AXE.  I later asked the operators of W3MSK and W4BVV 
> about
> it and they said "Yeah we know it exists and I guess now you do too."   I
> will try to scratch my memory for some more of these odd ones.  I remember
> also LP openings on 10 and 15 to the mid east and even into Europe around
> 0500 to 0600 z but these were really rare into Florida.
>> Jim WA4PXP
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