[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions..Did they cheat?

Cqtestk4xs@aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Thu Dec 15 21:48:22 EST 2005

It APPEARS like we have a bunch of cheaters who are claiming to be 
unassisted, but are using packet.  It also is a possibility, but not a probability, that 
one of the guys who worked the XY8Z repeated the call as he worked him and 
the others assumed it was it was correct, especially if the guy was P weak.  Is 
this for real, or hypothetical?  I know the call is bogus, but is the 

I suppose we need to ask ourselves, how much circumstantial evidence is 
enough to bust a guy, especially if he is well known and respected.  This would be 
something for an Ethics 101 class.

Bill K4XS

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